Mr. Green, you are wanted on the phone.


Shane is cute. So is Jane.

Butler doesn't like it when people invade his personal space by standing too close to him.

Vincent often daydreams in class.

I object to being treated like that.

I think that this is important.


I intend to give this to you.


The boy stripped a tree of the bark.


What do you say we hang out together on the weekend?

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The dogs, the cats, and the horses are animals.

How can you be so naive?

Some of the roses in my garden are white, and others are red.

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Her eyes ran over the list to see if her name was on it.

We don't respect them.

Do you want me to massage your shoulders?

He finally fulfilled my request.

The size of a man's laundry bill is no criterion of his income.

They took advantage of the stock price increase to raise the idea of building a new factory.

The strange thing is that I did not feel pain.

Endorphines are natural analgesics.

The responsibility sat heavily on her.

Escargot doesn't sound very appetizing.

There's no use making such a thing.

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You have a minute? Yes, why?

She has a handsome boyfriend.

I can't remember where I parked my car.


Tyler stopped clapping.

Please put these flowers in the basket.

Killing is forbidden; every murderer is punished, unless he has killed accompanied by many men and to the sound of trumpets.

I won't be a moment.

Let's return to Japan together.

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Would you like that for here or to go?

Japan launched a new invasion of China in July, 1937.

My house is only five minutes' walk from the station.

This television set is heavy.

The Japanese economy grew by 4% last year.


That's wasteful.


Ramneek seems to know an awful lot about baseball.

This is very frequent in talkshows.

Catch it and bring it to Darwin.


I'm still the boss around here.

Why doesn't she send me letters anymore?

Eli left his keys in the ignition.

I looked up the word in the dictionary.

In addition to a blocked nose, I'm also suffering from a high temperature.

Congratulations for your birthday, Muriel!

I think Esperanto is difficult.

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Is there any other way to go there?

Did the rain stop?

Colonization is one of the forces behind the spread of English.


I don't know what to do with my leisure.

Every time I go to see him, he is in bed.

Can I go for a walk?

We were left without gas when we were on our way.

You should get to know them.

The little girl just kept crying.

I didn't mean that as a criticism.


The boxer was hit on the chin and went down for the count.

You should keep to the right.

He enjoys wine sometimes, but mostly he drinks whisky.


Sociability is as much a law of nature as mutual struggle.

Elvis Presley is one of the most famous singers.

The leaves rustle in the wind.


Her life has been full of trials.

This sentence needs to be corrected.

He's not an unreasonable man.

Don't be slopping about with him, you'd better give him a thick ear.

How will we communicate?

He is known as a proficient artist in his field.

I don't like families that quarrel amongst themselves.

He did all he could to protect his son.

Isn't it strange that Raghu isn't here by now?

I don't like who you've become.

Ti isn't good at remembering names.


I'm supposed to talk to Trey.


Sir doesn't know whether he should go to the party or not.


I think Albert really likes me.


Jade pillows were believed to transfer the energy of the stone to the brain of the sleeper.

There's only one problem, I think.

Karuizawa is famous as a summer resort.

Ray has an automatic card shuffler.

The project was a failure but it did pave the way for the success of later efforts.

I missed the two o'clock plane.

It is not good, to say the least.

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I don't believe in coincidence.

Shouldn't you be studying?

I thought you left with Michelle.

You can't swim.

Would you lend me your bicycle?


Soap has the property of removing dirt.


You are old enough to understand this.

The owner of Playfish is Electronic Arts.

He never seemed to accomplish anything.


Ned was racked with pain.

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I saw them kissing.

I told you to leave him alone.

Maryam is well behaved.

Heinrich has three employees.

I've got a situation to deal with.

Kristen says that's not enough.

Roland knows something's going on.

I'll miss you after you've gone.

I was hoping you'd let me buy you a slice of pizza.


I'm depending on your help.

He exclaimed that she was beautiful.

Nelken came to ask us to help him.


Cristina took off his coat because it was getting too hot to wear it.

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I'll give you a lesson that you'll remember for a long while.

I've baked a cake for him.

I didn't know Lin and you used to work with Kimberly.


I just can't seem to make contact.


Kriton has been absent from work for three days.


Anna Freud had a profound influence on Hollywood.

How dared you marry my daughter without my consent?

Because it inflames upper-airway tissues, smoking often leads to obstructive sleep apnoea. Alcohol and sedatives can worsen apnoea as well; acting as muscle relaxants, they make the airway smaller.


Her idea differs entirely from mine.

Surya crawled through the window.

It was very cold, so the lake froze.


I go to church once in a blue moon.


Don't talk to me about work.

I think we can accept that.

Joachim is thirty.


We act without fear or favor.


It's really sharp.

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Such a person is seldom dull.


We insisted on its importance.

I don't eat any type of seafood.

That didn't go too well.

When can I use my telephone?

What's the most delicious fruit in Japan?

Much of our daily living must consist of routine that requires little or no mental effort.

Come on, Antony, cut it out.

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Lila came out as soon as he went to college.


When I see typos I lose interest in answering.

What is it you think I did?

Have you done this before?

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Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world.

Sekar has been driving without a license since he was thirteen.

She came here before when she was in university.


I had my bicycle fixed yesterday.

Ross won't care if we don't get there on time as long as we get there.

This time, he got results.

That could buy us some time.

Radioactive cesium in amounts exceeding limits has been measured on young lancefish caught in Fukushima prefecture.

We must work as long as we live.

Dan loaded the cars onto a train.

We must start at the beginning.

He reached for the apple.

They chose John to be the captain of the team.

With gassy planets like Jupiter, the zero level is defined as the level where the gas pressure is one bar.

He may have missed the plane.

Most castles have a moat surrounding them.


He showed me his collection of butterflies.

Phillip will never quit.

Jacobson was sitting on the bed.